Book - The Brain's Playground: Using Improv Games to Teach Social and Emotional Learning

Build Relationships While Practicing Social Skills

The Brain's Playground: Using Improv Games To Teach Social and Emotional Learning is co-written by TiaMarie Harrison.

This textbook is a hands-on tool for ALL individuals to learn and practice social skills within Social Emotional Learning Competencies (SEL) using Improv Games created into Connection Activities. 

These hands-on activities will support individuals in the area of social and emotional development. Improv games are used to help individuals learn and connect with one another while having fun.

Improv is not just for actors; it can be used in all aspects of life.

Having creative outlets to practice socializing, is something everyone can use. The methods in this book can be incorporated into the fields of education, special education, communications, psychology, business, theater, and healing arts.

The Connection Activities are based on Improv Games with a focus on the five social and emotional learning competencies: relationship skills, social awareness, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and self-management.

Connection Activities are used to teach social skills

It can be difficult to practice social skills at the moment. The expectation is for everyone to respond appropriately when situations arise. 

With the use of Improv Games individuals can learn to understand social interactions and practice social skills such as being present, identifying emotions, problem-solving, understanding others' perspectives, being aware of diversity, and having flexibility, among other essential skills.

Unlike other social skill training theories and programs, Connection Activities are hands-on tools that can be implemented by various support providers (educators, interventionists, parents, teachers, caregivers, family members, one-on-one aides, specialists, and school administrators), in various environments without materials (e.g., Ipads, picture cards, books, toys, etc.).

The book is available now: The Brain's Playground 

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