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I know you are thinking, “I’ve read every book, I know all the strategies, parenting still seems to be hard sometimes".

I know how you feel because as an educator in the classroom and working in homes with children I felt the same way. I went to school, I got the degrees, I attended all the trainings, I was taught all of the tips, all the tricks, and when I went to apply them, why were these strategies NOT working consistently...

As a Parent Educator and Child Development Specialist, I help you to have the tools to trust in your own abilities to parent with a positive connection in all situations. 

During our free call, I’m going to hear what you have tried, where you want to see change and we will begin to problem-solve together what next steps to take. 

I love working with parents and seeing the transformation in you, your child, and your whole family.  

In the Free 30-minute call you are taking a step towards increasing positive connections with your child and increasing your confidence in parenting.

With positive connections, you will see an increase in positive behaviors from your child.  As you make more positive connections with your child you will see positive changes in yourself!   

I look forward to talking to you soon!

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